P-TMS User Manual

A Translation management system (TMS) is a type of software for automating many parts of the human language translation process and maximizing translator efficiency. The idea of a translation management system is to automate all repeatable and non-essential work that can be done by software/systems and leaving only the creative work of translation and review to be done by human beings.In a typical TMS, process management technology is used to monitor source language content for changes and route the content to various translators and reviewers. These translators and reviewers may be located across the globe and typically access the TMS via the Internet.

Prudle Labs is an all-in-one globalization platform to help organizations efficiently manage their translation supply chain and scale globally. Prudle is a powerful platform with a combination of Machine Learning and Human to automate translation workflows and provide real-time translations with accuracy up to 100%. Prudle is a unified portal that processes text, image, audio, and video as source content and derives the translated output seamlessly without worrying to process on multiple tools. With Prudle Translation Management System (TMS), organizations can reduce a remarkable amount of time, efforts and cost on their entire translation supply chain, hence increasing their overall ROI.

Considering the demand and complexity of all the processes involved in globalization, Prudle has solutions for all stakeholders broadly categorized under Organizations, LSP’s and Translators.

P-TMS (Prudle Translation Management System):

Prudle’s Translation Management System offers end-to-end support for the complete translation project management life cycle. With well-regulated processes that lead to efficient translation project management, it encompasses the entire scope of the project from inception to planning and execution to optimization. Prudle TMS is designed to be used by multiple stakeholders within an organization that includes Company Executives, Project Managers, Localization Engineers, and Administrators. Hence, the user-friendly interface to ensure a seamless experience for all.