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Founded in 2017 and headquaters in Canada with additional offices in Bangalore is 100% founders-owned startup. Prudle Labs is an all-in-one language translation platform machine and human-powered with project management capabilities for small, medium and large businesses.

At Prudle Labs, we want to solve the biggest problem in language translation industry: Everyone is guessing!

Business leaders need to know what is getting translated, how much is the current spending, and which languages are predominantly used in business. Project Managers and coordinators need to identify their target users, translators, and determine where to allocate resources in order to reach them most effectively. Translators need to leverage from their own saved translation memories, reuse the content, and translate more words in less time.

In translation business, we need to collaborate across stakeholders, manage project priorities, reuse translated content, and make informed decisions. Prudle Labs provides the most actionable language translation data insights.

Our experience

To date, we helped more than 100 applications which are internationalized, translated and localized. Helped many business in translating their content and helped them to go global.


Quality is a word we all use very often. But here, we mean it! At Prudle Labs, each translation project, small or large, is assigned a reviewer who is typically another language expert who has not translated the content of the project but is assigned to do only review .

Before any project is delivered, the translators and reviewer will review the content thoroughly and will ensure the project conforms to all agreed standards, terminology, glossaries, and do not translate list.

Our Support

We are a no-nonsense team and will always respond promptly when you need us. We offer standard, available round the clock to support your business.

By default, all subscription and license based projects have free support for bugs and critical issues from development to deployment and beyond. Service Level Agreements, support and maintenance contracts can be provided for translation services projects. An experienced team specifically tailored to meet the needs and schedules of your projects.

internationalization to localization

Internationalization to Localization

From Software Internationalization to Localization QA to Go Global!

Our Globalization Suite, covers the entire gamut of the products from Internationalization to Translation, and Translation Management to Localization QA. We minimize the overall development efforts without additional re-engineering post localization and endless bug fixing, thereby reducing your ‘time-to-market’.

machine learning

Machine Learning & Machine Translation

To drive efficiency, organizations must have Machine Translation and Learning capabilities.

Most of the organizations face a long list of challenges from tight budgets to rising costs. By using Prudle’s MT and TM solutions, we ensure that organizations can save cost and go global in less time as compared to the traditional way of doing translations.

data privacy

Data Privacy.
Never Share Data

Secure. Controlled. Shared on Need Basic. Delete after Use.

At Prudle we make sure that your data is all the time secure with us. When you share data or any file on our cloud-based platform, we encrypt and restrict further downloads for translators and individual associates who will be working on the project. With the use of technology, we are making sure that your data is super secure and yet shared on the need basis.

P-I18N Plugin

P-I18N Plugin

Fast & easy way to scan your source for I18N standards



Intelligent TMS, works great with development & QA

P-L10N QA Plugin

P-L10N QA Plugin

No need to ‘Record & Play’ test steps with Prudle QA

Artificial Intelligence

No more a static I18N report. Prudle I18N provides dynamic reports which has built-in AI chatbots to provide more details on each issue.


Prudle Studio automates all those manual steps which are repeated in I18N, Translation or Translation Project Management cycle.

Translation Memory

No limitations on the segments you store in TM. Keep them coming and we store all of them without any limitations.

Machine Learning & Translation

Prudle’s TMS has strong Machine Learning and Translation which helps save time and cost.

Save upto 50% Effort & Cost

With our All-in-One product suite you can now save upto 50% of effort and cost.

Removing Dependencies to Process Content

Developer or content creator can directly send/receive the files to/from translator(s) without sending/receiving to/from internal team or LSP.

Real-time Progress

Check the real-time translation progress on the status of all tasks that enable you to track your projects on-the-fly.

Cost Management

Cost Management is embedded at the back end without having to generate the cost and invoice on a separate tool.

Trending I18N Reports

See the I18N coding trends for a project or for entire team.

My Dashboard

My Dashboard showcases real-time charts and graphs at various levels without the additional task of importing and exporting of data.

Resource Manager

Prudle’s Resource Manager filters out resouces based on the project category and language pair making it super easy for Project Manager to manage and assign the projects.

Notification Manager

Notification Manager allows you to efficiently configure notifications to manage ongoing and upcoming tasks.

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