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We believe that language quality cannot be compromised and this can only be achieved by our language experts native translators who have hands-on domain experience in translating the content and messaging it right for you.

Our Translation Offering

Prudle’s experience working through different industries across the globe generates translations with unrivalled quality. Translation sprawls at the very heart of what we do, whether you need the translation of a legal document, a technical translation or any business document. Prudle ensures to give a seamless and hassle free experience for your translation.

Prudle’s robust team with the its impeccable expertise of translators, deliver quality and value combined with brisk turnarounds when required. The team enthusiastically treats the document with top notch commitment, quality and confidentiality. This resource pool covers various industry domains and sub-domains. And in tune with the times, we use in-house developed CAT tool to expedite the translation process, prepare domain-specific Translation Memories (TM), terminology, and glossaries.

All our linguists are empanelled based on a rigorous screening process and comply with strict legal clauses to ensure both quality and confidentiality of our client’s content.

Our Approach

Prudle’s high quality certified translation service enables to serve its clients and partners in maximum languages giving them the greatest chance of global success.

We access every prospect to identify specific requirements that helps us build a profile of the right linguistic team to cater to their needs, who are highly qualified and experienced in the domain. The team then supports our translation services, after which, it is edited and proofread by language expert native translators. All documents are quality checked against pre-defined standards and finally submitted after a pre-delivery validation.

Industries We Work With

Software & IT




Banking & Finance

Movies & Entertainment

Prudle’s project managers would always bend over backwards to support its clients constant stream of projects and in the midst of delivering your project and ensuring the top notch quality, they will still take time respond to you just next to instantly.

Our Process and Quality

Our services are designed to provide you with complete confidence in the language quality of your translated content. Language quality is thoroughly assessed, at all stages of your project, through an independent audit to ensure that our work maintains the highest degree of precision.

Ensuring Unwavering Language Excellence

We have meticulously crafted our services to instill in you unwavering confidence in the language quality of your translated content. We understand that precision, accuracy, and fluency are paramount when it comes to bridging linguistic gaps. Our commitment to language quality is not just a promise; it's a pledge that guides every step of your project journey.

A Comprehensive Approach to Language Quality

From the moment you entrust us with your content, we embark on a comprehensive journey to maintain the highest standards of language quality. Every stage of your project is meticulously evaluated through an independent and rigorous audit process that guarantees the excellence you deserve.

Thorough Assessment at Every Stage

  1. Initial Review: Our language experts meticulously analyze your source material to understand its nuances, context, and unique requirements. This foundational step ensures a clear roadmap for maintaining language precision.
  2. Translation Phase: Our experienced translators, equipped with industry-specific knowledge, embark on the translation process. But our dedication to excellence doesn't end here. Every translated piece is subjected to meticulous scrutiny to ensure it adheres to the highest linguistic standards.
  3. Editing and Proofreading: A dedicated team of editors and proofreaders step in to fine-tune the translated content. They meticulously refine the language, ensuring it is coherent, accurate, and culturally sensitive.
  4. Independent Audit: At the culmination of these steps, an independent audit is conducted. This comprehensive review evaluates the entire project against established quality benchmarks. Our auditors ensure that the language quality achieves the highest degree of precision.

Quick Turn-around

We strive not just to attain but also maintain utmost efficiency in all our operations. We assign high importance to time and try to respond to the client’s requirements fast and provide cost-effective solutions for you

Less Cost

With our in-developed technology we make sure that your data is always safe. We continuously look at ways to reduce translation cost, decrease delivery times for medium to large scale translation projects.


Maintaining client confidentiality is a central priority within all our client relationships. All client data is securely stored and maintained as per the instructions provided.

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Languages supported:

  • Asian languages
  • European languages
  • Indian languages
  • Middle East languages
  • African languages

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