Background Verification

We are happy to announce our employee background verification service.

Prudle is working for its client companies and organizations in assisting them to hire reliable professionals.

Our Verification Process

Employee background verification ensure that you know the most relevant information about the candidate and their ability to perform their duties in particular role.

Based on the role and industry you are hiring for, background check can involve variety of services.Some of the industries like health, finance and gal will require a higher level of screening compare to other industries

Following services are available for our clients in India

  • Passport Verification

  • Address Verification

  • Police Clearance

  • Employment Verification

  • Education Verification

  • Qualification Verification

  • Character Reference

  • Credit Report

  • Directorship Verification

  • Drug Screening

  • Right to Work Verification

  • Identity Check

  • Criminal Record Verification

Our Advantage

We help you in scaling your hiring need as the demand for qualified and reliable resources increases. Our fastest turn around time gives you the confidence you need while hiring the candidate in its final stage.

We offer cost effective and customized background check solutions with excellence in service. We provide riskfree, secure and fast solution for background check requirements